KordaMentha KordaMentha is an Australian advisory and investment firm that provides specialist forensic, real estate, turnaround / restructuring and investment management services. The business was formed in April 2002 by Mark Korda and Mark Mentha. Located at
Level 24, 333 Collins Street, Victoria, Australia.
Phone: +61 3 8623 3333

Client sectors

Creditors and equity holders

KordaMentha has managed some of the largest and most complex insolvency engagements in Australia and New Zealand including those with tens of thousands of employees and creditors.

We are cognisant of the significant challenge in carrying out our ethical and legal obligations to consider all stakeholders. This ranges from large institutions including creditors and financiers to family businesses and employees whose livelihood depends on receiving next week’s pay cheque.

Building trust, we pride ourselves on managing relationships that enable all stakeholders to understand what is going to happen, when it will happen and what the likely financial result will be. We deliver clear and easy to understand information so that key stakeholders can make well informed decisions.

Our professional team are chosen not only for their technical and professional skills, but also for the empathy essential to providing positive outcomes in situations of extreme stress.

Financiers and lenders

KordaMentha continues to be appointed over some of the largest and most complex insolvency engagements in Australia and New Zealand including over both individual assets and complex group structures.

We are recognised in the industry for our creativity in formulating and executing innovative restructuring strategies for all lead financiers. Importantly, when acting for the secured lender, our access to our international affiliates provides a global solution to distressed situations.

We understand the options available under the various forms of security that might be held by the secured party and we tailor a variety of appointments specific to the requirements of the stakeholders, the security held and our subsequent fiduciary obligations.

As an international practice, we have offices in all Australian capital cities, Auckland and Singapore, and provide our clients with access to a wealth of global resources via our UK and USA affiliates.

Our experience in dealing with complex security arrangements is unrivalled in Australia.

Lawyers and barristers

KordaMentha has worked extensively with lawyers (in-house and external), barristers and their clients on some of Australia’s largest commercial disputes and investigations, as well as many significant engagements overseas in this field. In this relationship, we have provided expertise in e-discovery and computer forensic, forensic accounting and dispute analysis and best practice fraud and work place relations investigations.

We are well aware of the particular obligations we have to courts and other tribunals, particularly when one of our team is giving independent expert evidence, and also the tension this can create.

Ultimately our clients are better served by receiving robust and objective analysis and opinions throughout the forensic process. This enables them to make sound commercial decisions on whether to proceed with an investigation or dispute, whether to settle, and whether to involve appropriate law enforcement and regulatory bodies.

We pride ourselves on providing effective and timely communication, including clear reports suitable for court use if necessary. Our reports take complex issues and provide clear and concise analysis and explanations that help the reader to arrive at more informed decisions.

Our partners are often called upon to act as expert witnesses in court proceedings in Australia and overseas. Our experience and understanding of the legal system coupled with our technical accounting, valuation and investigation experience enables us to undertake engagements where the outcome is likely to be subject to significant scrutiny by the judicial system and law enforcement.

Corporate executives

KordaMentha provides strategic and financial analysis of under-performing companies. We are recognised for our creativity and our ability to formulate and implement innovative restructuring strategies.

Companies can benefit from our insolvency expertise, as well as the financial, consulting and analytical skills within 333, KordaMentha Forensics and KordaMentha Real Estate Advisory.

Our emphasis on communication and empathy provide a pathway for all stakeholders to understand not only the process, but the decisions during the process, the impact of those decisions and the likely outcomes quickly and clearly.

Invariably feedback from our clients confirm our belief that “the earlier the better” for contact with KordaMentha given our abilities to establish a loss mitigation plan or a defendable turnaround or restructuring process.

Government and regulators

KordaMentha has managed some of the largest and most complex insolvency engagements in Australia and New Zealand including those with significant government and regulatory bodies involvement. As the appointed insolvency practitioners, our partners believe the defining principle of our fiduciary relationship is trust and this provides for an incrementally higher duty of care than that of a director.

The firm undertakes a variety of appointments dependent on the requirements of the stakeholders, the security held and our subsequent fiduciary obligations.

We are an active participant in various insolvency groups and have provided feedback to various levels of government around proposed legislative change including the IPA code of professional practice, and the General Employee Entitlements and Redundancy Scheme (GEERS) and the insolvency provisions of the Corporations Act (2001).

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